Student Leadership

At SJND, there are several ways for you to lead. We encourage you to explore your passions and greater purpose through your choice of leadership opportunities.  Our student government opportunities help you to build your leadership skills while also strengthening your friendships and the SJND community. Participating in school leadership builds life skills that will serve you in college and in life: collaboration, leadership, project management, and team-building.

Campus Life Team

SJND’s student government starts with the Campus Life Team (CLT), made up of the Associated Student Body (ASB) officers, Division Council Members, and the Campus Ministry Executive Board (CMEB). A nationally-recognized form of student government, CLT strengthens collaboration, project management, teambuilding, and other life and leadership skills.

  • Associated Student Body  Elected school leaders in charge of community life activities, including dances and rallies
  • Division Council Members  Elected class representatives who represent their classmates' interests to the ASB and CMEB in planning activities and events
  • Campus Ministry Executive Board  Elected school leaders who oversee prayer services, retreats, liturgies and campus ministry